Client Testimonials

Just a note to Thank You again for keeping our 15 1/2 yo Papillon Zak, with his two repaired knees, ready and full of steam to go wherever we ask. We returned from a 17 day road trip throughout Moab, Mesa Verde, most of Colorado, Wyoming, Jackson Hole, Idaho Falls and beyond. He took generous walks everywhere, most above 5,000′ elevation. Attached is a photo of a one hour hike at 5600′ in Boulder, CO. He was happy dog!

All the best to you,
Jerry & Kathy Taylor

Buddy and I are deeply grateful for the wonderful job you did with removing the sarcoma tumor and nice clean margins along with phenomenal closing of the surgical site.

Buddy is celebrating being 100% free of his cone collar with a stop by to say thank you and catch a belly rub or two! Everything about interacting with you has been exemplary:

  • Kind clarity
  • Availability and clarity when I had questions
  • Respect and loving care
  • Personalizing Buddy’s special space and calming music
  • Laura wearing orange earrings for Buddy
  • Serena’s special belly rubs (Buddy so appreciates!)
  • Jordan and Laura training me

You are all the best veterinary staff we have ever encountered!
Take care all,  Jeanine DuBois & Buddy

I wanted to thank everyone at Cascade Veterinary for the care that you gave my cat Nutt.

Every stage of Nutt’s treatment was wonderful. Doctors Donovan and McCarthy handled her care beautifully. We got all the information, support and help we needed. And — since the operation was successful and the mass wasn’t cancerous — we couldn’t be happier with the results.

What struck me most, though, was how much people at Cascade Veterinary cared about Nutt. The techs told me what a sweet girl she was and sent me a picture of her immediately after her surgery. Every time that I came in for a follow-up appointment, several people visited her or asked how she was doing. I’ve always had great vets, but I was blown away by the concern and open affection Cascade Veterinary’s personnel showed for Nutt.

So, as her recovery nears its end, I wanted to send you folks a thank you. Nutt is back to full health. She started slowing down a year ago. I blamed old age. She’s 15, and we all slow down as we age. But that wasn’t the cause, at all. It was that mass inside her, killing her. With it gone, she’s back to her wild, crazy, playful self. You’d think she was three to four years old, not 15!

With any luck, she has several more years of active, happy, wonderful life ahead of her, thanks to you all.
Jenny Gibbons

We wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Lucy Lu is a fighter and she is not out of the “woods” yet, but we are hoping for a full recovery soon! She’s been through a lot!
All our best,
Jaci & Jeff Evans

Thank you for putting so much time and effort into helping me get well. I can’t wait to run, play, and swim. I plan to spend many more years getting love and hugs from my family.

Thank you for making all of this possible,
Jaci, Jeff & Lucy Lu Evans

It has been a long recovery but I am very happy to say Miles is healthy, fit, and happy. Thank you and your team for all that you have done. You have done more than just “fix” Miles’ knee but restored his health and our happiness. Miles and I do long runs, multi-day backpacking trips, and steep hikes. The dog hasn’t been this healthy in years.

Thank you so much for all you have done.
Dan & Miles

Hello Cascade Veterinary staff! I wanted to give you a big thanks, photo, and update on Lilly Pad. Three and a half years ago Dr. Howard and Dr. Tobin treated Lilly for a sarcoma. The outlook seemed quite grim, with only an expected 2-3 month survival. Thanks to the caring efforts of you all, she is still chugging along and enjoying life. Our “tripod” companion even walks a mile every day. A true success story for your clinic!

We want to thank Dr. Tanya Donovan and her team for saving our beloved Willy, an eleven year old, standard dachshund, and restoring him to an active, happy life. The people at Cascade give such kind and compassionate care to the pets brought to them, and show such an understanding of the anxieties the owners feel. These are good people who know what they are doing.


Willy’s strange vomiting spells brought us to Dr. Donovan for an ultrasound that might give us some answers. At first, abnormalities in the liver looked like a possible answer and medication directed to the liver did stop the vomiting for a while. But, after several months, the vomiting started up again, so Dr. Donovan scheduled another ultrasound. This time the problem was clear: a tumor was growing on one adrenal gland and the other looked abnormal. Both glands had to be removed by a risky, high precision surgery. Dr. Donovan coordinated the surgery date and a special anesthesiologist, and made sure that Willy took a medication that would control the adrenalin surging in his system to prepare him for the operation.

On the day of the surgery, the staff told us to call anytime to check on Willy, even during the surgery—and we did, several times. Dr. Donovan called us right afterward to say he was doing very well. He was watched over by a nurse during the night, and the next afternoon they told us he could come home. His quick recovery was amazing.

Dr. Donovan spent a lot of time with us on every visit, from the first discussion of Willy’s symptoms to the full outline of possible treatment once the problem was found. She even got down on the floor with Willy to put him more at ease.

Since the surgery she and her staff have continued to call to check on him periodically. This quality of care is rare and so comforting to those of us who consider our pets part of our family. We cannot recommend the Cascade Veterinary staff too highly.

Bob & Claudia Barnes

I’m attaching some pics of Finnegan who had TPLO surgery in December 2011. He is better than new and it does my heart good. From such a scary surgery, a lost Christmas, one too many oops moments after the surgery, and loads of trazadone to being the uber athletic dog that he was born to be! Thank you Dr. Van Gundy for giving him his life back ! It’s just such a relief seeing him running like a deer and playing unrestricted to his heart’s content. I honestly didn’t think he could be the same dog after such an invasive surgery but alas the proof is in the pics!!

Thank you so very much. What you all do means so much to people and their furry kids!
Cheers! Sara Nigbor, Erin Lynch and Finnegan

Doctor Howard, we just wanted you to hear yet another success story.

You probably don’t remember, but in 1998 you took our little Sydney to Eugene to see Dr. Slocum.  She was apparently the first double hip shelf arthoplasty that you assisted in during surgery.  You kept her overnight at your house and drove her down there personally. You also fixed her two rear knees, one in 2002, the other in 2005.

Well, we just had Sydney put to sleep last week at the great age of 16. We wanted to thank you again for 14 GREAT years of running and jumping that she wouldn’t have enjoyed otherwise. She was truly the happiest dog we’ve even known.

Thank you again,
Jay & Lou Ann Tabor – Kelso, WA