Frequently Asked Internal Medicine Questions

  • Phone: We are in the office Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 6:00 pm. If you call during this time and you have an emergency, please inform the receptionist; otherwise please ask to leave a message on our voicemail which is checked regularly throughout the day Monday – Friday. After consulting with your pet’s internist a technician will return your call.
  • E-mail: For your convenience, we are also available by e-mail for non-urgent questions or concerns Monday – Friday only. Our email address is E-mail is checked three times a day. A technician will respond to your email within 24 hours. E-mails received after Friday will not be reviewed until the following Monday.
We will provide you an estimate for the care of your pet, at which time you will be asked to make an initial payment for the average of the low and high end of the estimate. We accept all major credit cards, personal checks, and cash. Alternative financing is offered through CareCredit. More information is available at the front desk.
If your pet is hospitalized we know you are anxious to receive an update as soon as possible. It is our goal to keep you informed. Your pet’s internist will call you after 8:30am with an update on your pet’s condition discharge plans. If your pet will remain hospitalized, a technician will call to update you later in the day with your pet’s status. You are also welcome to call and speak to one of our treatment techs during the day for additional updates. Our overnight technicians are also available to give you an update by phone; simply dial the main hospital number, when you hear the welcome message, dial #1 and you will be directed to the treatment floor where you can speak to one of our technicians or leave a message. They will return your call promptly.
Just as with people, our patients appreciate visits from people they know and love. We have established a visitation policy that balances the emotional as well as the medical needs of our patients. Scheduled visits are limited to two per day between the hours of 9 am – 5:30 pm Monday – Friday. Visits are limited to 20 minutes each. Limiting visitation time will ensure each patient receives necessary treatments and tests at proper intervals and that they have time to rest and heal. We strive to have nursing staff available to discuss your pet’s condition at the time of visitation. When this is not possible you can ask that we give you a call after your visit.
Ultimately it is our goal to help your pet to a point where your veterinarian can manage their continued care with you. Following your pet’s appointment with our internist, your veterinarian will receive a letter outlining physical exam findings, lab work results, other diagnostic findings and recommendations for your pet.