What To Expect At Your Appointment

Appointments with our specialists are typically one hour long. Our specialist will review records from your pet’s veterinarian, as well as any x-rays or lab results sent prior to the appointment. When you bring your pet in for the consultation, you will be asked to provide a history of your pet’s problem. The specialist will perform a thorough physical exam. After reviewing all of this information, our specialist will discuss a treatment plan and create a detailed financial estimate for your pet’s care.

We work closely with your pet’s veterinarian and are an extension of their practice. Following your pet’s visit, your specialist will provide your veterinarian a summary outlining the physical exam findings, results of lab tests or diagnostic imaging, treatments and recommendations. Once we have diagnosed and treated the problem for which you were referred to us, care of your pet will generally revert back to your regular veterinarian.

Please bring or request that your veterinarian fax or email your pet’s medical records, including labwork and x-rays. Also bring all medications your pet is receiving.